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"…or not to be"

https://youtu.be/ReOau8_zfRY William Shakespeare's play provided opera with sufficiently powerful literary and dramaturgical material to inspire the Romantic generation with powerful masterpieces, from Bellini to Gounod…

The chemistry of pain

Quinn Kelsey (Rigoletto); Erin Morley (Gilda) For this production, the famous largest curtain in the world is replaced by a transparent canvas on which faces…

Rex Progress

James Creswell (Trulove), Golda Schultz (Ann), Ben Bliss (Tom), Christian van Horn (Nick Shadow) Stravinsky long dithered around the opera genre, using reduced and composite…

The prince in sneakers and the princess in knickers

"Dreaming does not preclude thinking", says Mariame Clément in an interview about her production of Massenet's Cendrillon for the Paris Opera. One would like…


"…or not to be"

Rex Progress


Brilliant and vigourous Daniele Rustioni at the New Generation Festival in Florence

A symphonic concert, indeed, but somehow related to the world of opera, since the programme began with the overture of Le nozze di Figaro,…

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Time lost and found

https://vimeo.com/588465437 The video-installation at the Stavanger Maritime Museum   Geir Egil Bergjord is first and foremost a photographer, who captures reality to make a new form or…