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Fidelio in Amsterdam : Leonore against 'the huge comet of shadow"

https://youtu.be/azzgY5WB9qg Context of the composition There are a few basic points to bear in mind when discussing Fidelio, the first of which, already mentioned above, is…

Turandot in Vienna : Melting ice

Contexts In Naples, Vassily Barkhatov staged an impressive performance, with the set design and the development of the chorus filling the space, even though, to…

"Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) in Munich : Dionysus Follies

Listen with interest to the conversation between Vladimir Jurowski and Barrie Kosky, interviewed by Christopher Warmuth about this production (in English with English subtitles). https://youtu.be/C3zTwCLQEOs Video…

United by blood, divided by hate

In this case, McVicar succeeds in making an utterly far-fetched and bizarre plot attractive, which has sometimes justified productions in which the characters have…



Lucerne Festival 2022 : when Mahler sounds like Otto Dix painted

While some conductors announce a Mahler project that will embrace all the symphonies in chronological order, others start with the most popular or the…

Brilliant and vigourous Daniele Rustioni at the New Generation Festival in Florence

A symphonic concert, indeed, but somehow related to the world of opera, since the programme began with the overture of Le nozze di Figaro,…

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Time lost and found

https://vimeo.com/588465437 The video-installation at the Stavanger Maritime Museum   Geir Egil Bergjord is first and foremost a photographer, who captures reality to make a new form or…